Saturday, June 23, 2012

flair today

Update: the buff man cometh

Still some record remains:

More Pixels

There's still no way to confirm if that mosaic piece downtown is the work of the real Invader but in regards to that I'm like Agent Mulder's poster:

Regardless, here's some quality flair in a similar vain whose source can be traced.

Thanks to the brilliant minds at this spot who came up with these nintendo-esque gems. Certainly this is one of the best uses of post notes I've ever laid eyes on.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memory flair

For memorial day.

Buford Flair

The first of its kind: TruckFlair-on-Flair Action! 

"Choose Buford for that quality Metaflair."

Orange Flair

Orange flair with the old flair. They're doing lots of work on this side street but apparently not painting over this old ad just yet. But something did happen to that old hamburger gem that was just down the street from it. That one was a classic and sorely missed.

{Thanks to Dogbert10@flickr for the internet assist. He's got some more good defunct flair here.}

Shade Flair

Some nice flair in the shade here: a four panel music mural & something creeping.


Could it be a visitor from outer space?
Seems implausible but strange visitors have been known to pass through town before.

Car Flair

Look for this one rolling.

The driver caught me in the act of snapping and told me his daughter is the artist. Cheers.