Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stencil Time

Outside the Library with the Sunsphere creeping and some sage advice about the local press. STC gets funky here and form their letters out of arrows.  A remarkable specimen of government stencil flair.

This way to a classy joint

Friday, February 24, 2012

S & S

Now this is what I'm talking about here. Crusty and hand-painted with two types of disappearing letters. Top that off with a sleek rooftop banner in the background and you have a shot of some classic Knox county typography.

Diversity is the Spice

Let's head back down Broadway some more.
A nice mish mash of text with some kudzu sprawl in the back for garnish.

We Have Liftoff!

At last! Finally Wiley gets to get his! The satisfaction from this sign can last a man a lifetime.

Three different types of type with two awesome cartoon characters. Surround that out with vanity bulbs and you can see why Harby's Pizza & Deli on Broadway has just set the gold standard for all the posts to come.


Excuse me now while I go get these two tattooed on my bicep...

Let's get it rolling...

Signage. That is what we are talking about here.
Signage in the Knoxville area, specifically. From hand painted letters in the heyday of the old sign-painters to the terribly designed over photoshopped vinyl signs of today's modern billboards were going to cover it all. How about handmade adverts and obscurely posted PSAs and posters?
Oh yeah, there's a home for that here.


Trucks and vans with the message on the sides? Yes for sure.


Hand-scrawled graffiti along drainage ditches? But of course! 

There's a place for it all at Knox Flair! If its out there, we want it to be on here.      

From the good to the bad to the bizarre. From Magnolia Ave to Chapman Highway, up and down Broadway and Central, to Kingston pike and beyond, were on the hunt to make visible those good street visuals. We reserve the right to repost and retrace our tracks when we want to. But there's just  so much out there we just want to get it started. So now you know our stated goals here, lets bring it into focus.
Welcome to Knoxville.