Friday, March 9, 2012

Featured Artist: 'Even Steven' and friends

Lets get weird with some beneath the bridge, charcoal graffiti. 

Most galleries have some kind of rules of etiquette and this one is no different. So mind yourself down here, okay.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Lighting up the Night

Neon is a dying art. The cleaners aren't on the corner here anymore but at least the new tenants keep the  past aglowin'.

A Must-See

We've focussed a lot on Broadway so far but it was Magnolia Avenue that was the real inspiration for this site.  Here's a classic tourist attraction on top of a printer's shop just past Chilhowee Park.

From the squint on that face to the bit of bling by 'Blaine,' everything about this sign is on point like an arrowhead.

Dive In.

This corner of Broadway is a real hotspot of fine signage: hand-painted & otherwise. Here we have just two exemplary specimens on display: a towable kiddie attraction and a simple & clean hand-sprayed 'for sale' sign. The folks here are really specialists of the Knox flair and we'll certainly be returning here later on

Yes! Yes! Yes!

 Driving alongside this guy on Cherry St. and his DIY paint job had the opposite effect of concealment: I couldn't take my eyes off of this ride. Fortunately he pulled into Auto Zone so I could snap this picture.  More of this type of awesome paint jobs to come if we're lucky and can continue to spot them out in the wild.

Outside Looking In

Everyone was sorry to see this place close. Here's hoping somebody can open those doors up again soon.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Product

They got what you need. Look for them out East.

Back to Harby's...

Free Books in the Sweet Spot! What could be better? How about some nice fading hand-brushed calligraphy to top it off.

Taking to the water

Here's one worth a revisit as soon as we can get a better flick. There's some serious science to be studied in the structure of these letters in the Tennessee Riverboat Company logo, not to mention that awesome illustration they've got accompanying it. Its practically a John Hartford album cover as it is.

Flair On

Alright, we've reached 15 pieces of flair already. But as we learned from 'Office Space': that's the minimum. Now it's really time to express ourselves. Let's check back when we've got 37 pieces, okay?