Friday, April 20, 2012

More Trucks !

Now we try not to pick favorites here at Knox Flair 

                                                                             but this chicken logo! 

                        Its hard not to love such a nice anthropomorphized farm animal in overalls.
                            And this log text with the drop-shadow just compliments it so nice.

This obscured samurai 'S' creeping over here triggers some Led Zeppelin in me: "Oooh, it makes me wonder..." 

This is a good motto: it reaches back in time to project an image of stability and looks good on the side of this truck.

But that's some fuzzy math with the history dates.

Finally: the Eagle has Awoke.

And he's sad because he must have fallen asleep at the party with his shoes still on and the people he thought were his friends took the opportunity to draw an american flag on his face while he was passed out. Now he's awake, super bummed out, and just a little hungover.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Drippy drips

Watch out fer dem fishies !

By the way, here's a riddle: what happens when you soak tons of burning mulch with thousands of gallons of water to put out a fire ? .... Lye!

And what happens when all that lye drains into the creeks and rivers of the city? ... this :

Old Flair- Phonographs

Perhaps the oldest yet, dunno though.

Never Forget

Were big fans of this guy...

 "Jesus takes away bad dreams, Ask God." 

This guy gets around and gets up

An interesting specimen here where the word 'away' has been omitted/forgotten. But wait what's this...

Curtis- Caught in the act!

He said he also did the walls inside the Jig & Reel as well.

Tools of the trade.

I'm down...

Super Flair!

This stuff is sooo good. This is what K*flair is all about.

Pioneer (865) 922 0789
Were big fans of their work

Friday, April 13, 2012

Jesus: prophet and vandal

 Dated so you know its authentic.


Knoxville can seem stagnant and unchanging but there are plenty of old signs that continue to disappear. Buildings get torn down, businesses changes, walls get repainted and so it goes that the old markers of the past slip away undocumented. Even in the short time I've lived here in town, there have been plenty of old landmarks I thought would last indefinitely that just seemed to slip away some week I wasn't watching. The burger logo hanging by Market square and a faded b-boy mural along Magnolia are just two instances that come to mind- art I didn't get to before they disappeared from the scene.

Its a bummer and all I can do is hold out hope of finding an old photo from another source around town. But as bad as it feels to watch them go before I could get to them, I can take pride in the ones I did get around to photographing. Just like the others, I thought this one would be there forever. Turning that familiar corner the other day I found it was in the process of being replaced. But who would've guessed about what lies beneath?


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Old City

Old City, between Jackson Ave and Summit Hill, is such a repository of quality Knox flair that sometimes a citizen can take it for granted. Here's a quick sweep of the area we took today to cover some of the highlights, old and new.