Thursday, March 28, 2013

Quick-O: Muffler Man

 Just another beautiful day in East Knoxville when we caught up with these guys working on some old signs.

This Muffler man beneath the signs stands apart from anything else we've seen in the city. Sculptural Flair!

the guts

Ginger's Dream

Painted woodland scene on mirrored glass! Genius.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Coffee & Cake

Good graphic design and the math checks out

The holy grail

After many months of drive-by sightings in traffic, we caught up with this vehicle just long enough to snap these flicks.  True, it is all vinyl lettering on the side but we give it a pass and some praise for the faux drips to make it look like paint. On top of that the script is so nice and sharp - look at the barb on that s in "appliances" and the wobbly connector line running through the word.

But more than anything it is that character we love the most, the supposed source of the blue handstyle in question. Marker in hand, block for a head, catching juicy tags down the side of the furniture van. 

 They didn't have to include that little guy there but they did and the flair is so much better off for it. So we salute you and the artists that came before you. RIP Wayne Roberts.


At the end of Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue on Holston Drive sits the amazing American Veterans Thrift Store. This place is jammed packed with hand painted flair inside and out.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

K*Flair Puzzler

The photo on the left has been photoshopped into the one on the right. Can you spot all 7 changes we made?

More SoKno

 In the area of Vestal 

Red Fez Delights

 These shards of greatness were spotted along Magnolia ave in a magical dumpster behind the Red Fez Deli.

The restaurant manager came outside while these shots were taken and told our photographer that these were the remnants of an old sign that blew down in a storm. What a shame but at least we can still appreciate the nice hand drawn-vinyl letter combo. Excellent use of spray paint and black ink!