Sunday, December 8, 2013

Knox Flair

More Old City Walls

Honky Tonk Flair

Toot's Bar in the Happy Holler: known for their karaoke but host to the rare rock n' roll show every now and again.

Eye Catching Flair

Hand painted greatness!

Stampede of Truck Flair

Rolling stock like this last one is quite a rarity in Knox County.

Lotto Flair

On Magnolia 

Inside Job

Behind the scenes action

Dat Club Flair

Champion Flair

Maryville Flair

Say what?

Who comes up with a name like this? An over-descriptive settler from long ago or a misguided contractor from the present? 

Basketball Jones Flair

 Flair to make you ball harder. The Phyllis Wheatley Center in East Knoxville (124 S. Cruze st.) is home to this beautiful looking court.

The YW has one of the best mission statement/logo combos - succinct and strong.