Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Knox Flair

Chalmer's Grill

Good sign outside and great jukebox inside

More Antique Flair

Freshly painted on Kingston pike out west

Before and After Flair



In the process!

Charlie is an experienced sign painter who said he doesn't even seek out this kind of work anymore. He prefers sculpting metal and wood but he agreed to retouch this sign since he painted it himself some 20 years ago. That it held up so well is certainly a testament to a job well done the first time.

When asked about his trade secrets, his response was simple: use good brushes and good paint.

The Pilot Light Has Got What You Need!

A wide selection of drinks plus great music! 

Check them out at 106 E. Jackson Ave Knoxville, TN

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sunday Flair

Sunday Dinner at the Nice and Easy Cafe on McCalla Ave.

Trackside Flair

RIP Broadway Sound

Farewell to Broadway Sound in North Knox. The music store with the top hatted stick figure logo is no more. Interestingly enough, the destruction did reveal some hidden flair in the form of an older Broadway Bakery sign and some colorful walls.

One local when told of B-Sound's demise, reminisced about a time that a fan of the band the Residents painted an eyeball on top of the logo's head in homage to the group's stage costumes. Anyone with pictures of this repurposed flair is encouraged to send them to our office email at

Another one gone. Farewell flair.