Thursday, January 23, 2014

More Trucks! (and some history)

Brrrr... Like everywhere else, its cold here in the Flair Capital. But here are some alluringly decorated examples of style on wheels to warm you up while we wait for spring. This first one of the checkered orange UT blood donor van jives nicely with the Pellissippi State signs at the Hardin Valley campus.

It takes time to get a nice fade like this on your truck. Tom has been around and around delivering the goods it seems.

But here we have a true time capsule of style in motion. This photo hangs in the lobby of RT Clapp Car Care Center at 2045 Magnolia Ave. Apparently though this is their "new" location. Their old location is just across the street and has a vinyl sign on it that reads "Baxter Entertainment." Here's what that place looks like now according to google street view.

Minor Flair

On Central Ave. (but maybe not for much longer.)

Regas Flair

Sadly the Regas' Restaurant, Knoxville's fine dining institution, closed a few years ago. But thankfully the wonderful sign atop the building (and the building itself) still remains. Its clearly visible for those zipping by on I-40 to see but this shot was taken from the street level on North Gay. 

(For more information on Regas consult the unofficial Knoxville tour guide book, Suttree.)

Right Way?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Field Trip to Fountain City

Here are some great specimens just a little north of Knoxville on Holbrook Drive in Fountain City.

Hemphill's with the snazzy type

Action Shot

The elusive Marquee Man seen in his natural environment.

Lorena's Flair

On Lonas Drive

Pioneer Flair

This wonderful window display can be seen in front of the Pioneer House on Gay Street downtown. Pioneer House is the awesome print shop in the former space that was Yee Haw Industries which apparently in the former space of Baker's.