Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Farewell to Flair

Here's a surprising turn of events to start off the month: The Philco flair is no more! 

 Or at least the wall with the great and wonderful Philco flair is gone. This is not the first time these buildings (the McClung Warehouses) have caught fire but hopefully it will be the last. A blaze in 2007 destroyed three other attached buildings on the east side of the warehouse. There's a good slideshow of that damage here.

The city bought these remaining building back in October for 1.5 million dollars with plans to redevelop. According to this article from the New Sentinel this morning, those plans are still in place although undoubtedly in need of a revision. Hopefully the remaining building will be able to withstand all this trauma and be spared demolition.

Back in June, local historian, Jack Neely, wrote a great article for the Metro Pulse about the peeling Philco sign and the intriguingly visible older mural beneath it. You can read that here. Farewell Philco, I wish we could have had a better bye.

Illumination Station

Its a beautiful clear day outside today and it sure makes the Sunsphere as photogenic as ever. But if the Illuminati are really serious about running a secret organization that anonymously controls the world, they shouldn't just post up on their front porch and let us look at them every time they feel like huffing a cig. That's just my two-cents at least; its their secret organization and they can do what they want.

A Friend for Glitch

Saw this little lady waiting downtown, posted up by an electrical box.