Thursday, May 29, 2014

Outdoors Flair

C&C Outdoors your one stop shop for all the fun supplies needed for a day on the lake. 
At 1122 Concord Rd.

The Indomitable Ell Sheckles in Action!

We had the great the fortune of running into local master sign-painter Ell Sheckles the other day as he finished up work on a few new "Mattress Place" signs where the old the Unpainted Furntiure store was on Kingston Pike. Readers may remember Ell's work from the Old City back in February of 2013.

  It's always a pleasure to see an experienced painter at work and Ell kindly accommodated our questions and even allowed us up the ladder to get a closer look at his work.

You know who to turn to next time you are need of some quality advertising.

Tactical flair

Letters on Parade

Pride Parade on Gay St.