Monday, January 12, 2015

Knox Flair

Local Brands, Local Partners

Buy Local! Here are some nice hand painted signs of regional food companies outside Blue Coast Grill on Market Square

Checkerboard Flair

This whole building is a testament to the styles of a bygone era when signs were painted and building facades were given the star treatment they deserve. Check out those arches! The building next to it sports some great brick patterns as well. They just don't make 'em like these no more.

Jazzy Lynn's

Live music, fried food and a BYOB policy is all you need to know about Jazzy Lynn's at 4680 Holston Drive

Knox Flair on Instagram!

Another reason we've been so slow to post this winter? We've made the switch to another online social media site, specifically Instagram. Got a smart phone? Check us out on the 'Gram. The handle is the same: KnoxFlair.

We've got some new stuff and some old stuff on there. And we'll be trying to update this, the original site, with all the fresh stuff we post on IG so don't worry about missing out if you don't want to bother checking two different sites.

Flair Travels part 4: New Orleans

This hand painted map of the city in the main public library is indicative of the flair of the situation in this city: the flair abounds in every square inch of the city to the point it becomes impossible to keep track of it all.